Secure24’s new ambulances provide specialist support 


Patients with mental health challenges, learning disabilities, and acute psychiatric needs are now travelling in Secure24 Mercedes-Benz ambulances designed to maximise safety while ensuring their journeys are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
The vehicles are used to transport individuals of all ages who are at risk and can present with challenging behaviours. Assignments include urgent and non-urgent transfers to and from hospitals, psychiatric units, prisons and other facilities, as well as court appearances, international repatriations and supervised visits.
Secure24’s new ARU ambulances boast an exhaustive specification that includes several enhancements.
The most significant of these is the innovative cell at the rear of each vehicle, which – in what Secure24 believes to be an industry ‘first’ – has no bars. Instead, it employs full-height panels made from transparent reinforced Perspex. 
“As an organisation working with risk we accept that in order to maximise safety there will be circumstances in which the use of a cell is necessary,” explained David Boswell. “What we don’t advocate is a cell that is both intimidating and isolating. Our ground-breaking achievement promotes inclusion and social interaction, while addressing the need for secure intervention.” 
He continued: “It can be a daunting experience for a patient to travel in a vehicle with a cell, especially one with bars. Our design addresses this. We can even conceal the cell completely behind a screen, so when you open the side door to enter the hub of our ARU ambulance you wouldn’t know it was there.”
Explaining the decision once again to base its ARU ambulances on Mercedes-Benz vans, Mr Boswell said: “The medium-length, high-roofed Sprinter is the ideal size for our conversion, and at 5.0 tonnes GVW offers the weight-carrying capacity we need.
“Although we work predominantly in London and the Home Counties, we provide a national service seven days a week, 365 days a year, and have plans in place to establish more stations in other regions. These vehicles therefore cover a lot of miles travelling the length and breadth of the UK, so we need them to be robust and resilient. Our first Sprinters certainly lived up to the model’s reputation for reliability over the last five years.”
“Our ARU ambulances often need quick turnarounds between shifts, so the fact that the workshop team at Rossetts Commercials’ Crawley branch can service them overnight is also a big advantage,” said Mr Boswell. “The Dealer has helped us out on several occasions when we’ve had peak service demands and needed to get a vehicle in at very short notice for some maintenance work.
“Rossetts’ Off-Road & Blue Light Sales Specialist Martin Gearing also put us in touch with Wilker Group, who have done a first-class job. We’ve all worked well as a team, and our fantastic new vehicles are the result.”