What Car? Van Awards 2021


Large Van - Best Value for Ownership Costs
WINNER: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
If you’re smart enough to have an eye on full-term ownership costs, rather than just the upfront asking price, the Mercedes Sprinter is for you.
Three key factors stand out: it delivers fuel economy that is among the best in class no matter which engine you select, it comes with an unlimited-mileage warranty and it has the best residual values of any vehicle in its class by some margin.
Electric Van - Best to Drive
WINNER: Mercedes-Benz eSprinter
Maximising your range in an electric van requires a great deal more forward-thinking than with a regular combustion-engined vehicle: you have to pay extra attention to working out how long it will take you to slow down, when you can let the van coast and when you should look to harvest more energy from the braking system back into the battery. 
Fortunately, the Mercedes eSprinter makes that all a lot easier. It provides three driving modes that alter the characteristics of the van, including limiting power to extend the van’s range and varying the degree of regenerative braking between strong and gentle, and also providing a standard mode and a super-coasting mode for absolute peak efficiency. Importantly, the controls for the regenerative braking are also mounted on paddles behind the steering wheel, so you can cycle through the settings quickly and easily. 
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Best Approved Used Van Scheme
WINNER: Mercedes-Benz
Time and again we hear it from customers: the Mercedes Approved Used scheme is a cut above anything on offer from the opposition, offering a wide selection of high-quality vans, superb salespeople and strong support should anything go wrong. 
The standout feature is the quality of the stock, boosted by the inherent build quality of the vans in the first place, but also helped by the numbers that are taken on and then returned by highly reputable fleet companies. Generally speaking, delivery or supermarket giants maintain their vehicles well, monitor their drivers fastidiously and incentivize good habits, meaning their used models are among the most sought after.
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