Keeping you and your drivers safe this winter


Businesses can maximise customer satisfaction as well as help protect their reputations by encouraging their van drivers to carry out routine checks of their vehicles.
While it’s good practice for drivers to take responsibility for basic inspections, these can be even more important during the winter months.
Company car drivers might be able to postpone meetings and other journeys in winter weather, but many businesses, organisations and consumers depend on vans being able to deliver goods and services on time throughout the year, regardless of road conditions. This is especially true during the run up to Christmas when shoppers are encouraged to buy in sale periods such Black Friday events.
To help businesses keep moving during this busy period we’ve compiled a free guide to ensure van drivers know what to look out for, covering the vehicle condition and preparation for winter weather, and crucially, any extra equipment to keep on board to help keep moving in the harshest conditions, or to ensure the driver stays warm and fed if traffic remains at a standstill for several hours.
We also offer free visual health checks for all customers, which drivers can take advantage of before winter sets in.
But regular monitoring of items such as wiper blade condition, fluid levels and even ensuring the fuel tank is always over half full can make the difference between success and failure, with potentially costly downtime as a result of a lack of vigilance.
Following this advice can ensure all van operators can meet the same level of professionalism and quality, whether an owner-driver, small business or large fleet.