Tool theft shows no signs of slowing down 


It seems that the ongoing tool theft epidemic isn't showing any signs of slowing down, as thieves are growing in confidence and becoming more sophisticated by choosing higher value targets. 
Claims data from Simply Business released in 2018 highlights a number of worrying trends, including an overall increase in the number of thefts over the past few years and more expenisive tools being targeted. 
Tool thieves seem to be upping there game from in recent times. A few years ago, groups were accessing vans by using their knees to apply pressure to doors before ripping them open from the top down. The technique was dubbed 'peel and steal' and was prevalent nationwide. However now electronic key fobs are being used more frequently.
While there is less damage, the culprits are much harder to trace. A 'relay' technique, where one person intercepts the signal from the owner's key fob and the other uses a new fob to mimic the signal, is alarmingly easy to set up. There's no fancy hacking required - you can buy the fobs used for this techinique for as little as £30 on websites like Ebay and Amazon. 
Unfortunately, there's more bad news for van owners. The data also shows that thieves seem to be getting wise to how much different tools are worth, and are now going for the ones that are likely to bring them more money. 
Simply Business analysed over 3,000 tool theft claims from the past few years, and found that the average claim has risen significantly. Five per cent of claims are now for over £5,000, while some are even as high as £11,000.
The bad news is that tool thieves are operating all over the country.
Many of the worst affected areas are bigger cities, including Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, and Nottingham. However, there are some places on the list that may surprise you. Chelmsford and Tunbridge Wells take 5th and 6th place on the 10 worst affected areas respectively.
Worst affected tool theft areas
1. London
2. Sheffield
3. Birmingham
4. Leicester
5. Chelmsford
6. Tunbridge Wells
7. Bristol
8. Nottingham
9. Northampton
10. Reading