Calls for Government to modernise van MoT rules


Consumer website HonestJohn vans has recently asked the question of the Government to modernise van MoT rules and offer a mandatory test at 2 years instead of 3. 
In official pulished data, HonestJohn analysed millions of MoT records and found that conclusively, 1 in 4 vans fail their first MoT - approximately 61,000. 
This could be due to the fact that vans are worked much harder than standard cars and travel greater distances. Statistics show on average that a typcial van will travel 47,000 miles by the time it is due for it's first test, while the average car wil clock up 26,000 miles over the same period of time. As a result 86% of three-year-old cars will pass the first MoT- a figure that's significantly better than similar aged vans. 
The number of vans in the UK has gone up by 75% over the past 20 years, with a record 4 million on the road today. publishes its MoT Files to help both car and van buyers to spot common failures by make, model, year of registration and postcode. They provide simple and detailed access to more than 400-million Government data records to help consumers make better informed decisions about their next car purchase.
Daniel Powell, Managing Editor of, says: “Our MoT data shows that drivers are putting themselves and others at risk, often without knowing, so it’s imperative that vans get their first MoT before cars. The introduction of a two-year MoT exemption would not affect the majority of responsible and honest van operators in the UK, who are meticulous when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Instead it would target drivers who do not take vehicle safety very seriously by failing to perform the most basic of checks.”
Significantly in a report published by HonestJohn, the Vito and Sprinter were highlighted as the higher performing vehicles when completing an initial MoT test. 
Top five vans for passing the first MoT (based on a minimum of 3000 tests)
1) Mercedes-Benz Vito – 79.1% MoT pass rate
2) Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – 78.9% MoT pass rate
3) Volkswagen T5 Transporter – 78.4% MoT pass rate
4) Ford Transit Connect – 78.3% MoT pass rate
5) Volkswagen Caddy – 77.6% MoT pass rate