#BeXtravagant with Rossetts Commercials


Rossetts Commercials Mercedes-Benz recently hosted the #BeXtravagant X-Class launch event at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome, home to the Top Gear Test Track. The event spanned over the course of 2 days with 118 people attending, from Friday 16th February – Saturday 17th February 2018 and the feedback received from attendees was incredibly positive!
Many were absolutely amazed at how well the vehicle took to the Off-road course, considering it was left completely road-worthy. There were no changes made to help it tackle the course, the vehicle had standard, unaltered road tyres and the drive option was set to low range 4-wheel-drive.
Particularly impressive was witnessing the vehicle’s hill descent assist in full effect. With only the push of a button the X-Class was able to hold it’s speed effortlessly at 3 mph, with only steering required to guide it, even on the steepest of descents. The course truly allowed customers to appreciate the sheer, unquestionable power of the vehicle.
The Top Gear test track was where the X-Class’ on road economical ability was fully able to shine, due to the miles per gallon challenge. The X-Class proved itself tremendously managing results of up to 65 mpg! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes were given to those who managed the best miles per gallon score per group.
The slightly more relaxed nature of this activity allowed customers to further explore the vehicle’s interior features. All of the vehicles used at the event were fitted with comfort packages, which include an 8-way electrically adjustable driver’s and co-driver’s seat,  ARTICO leather with DYNAMICA microfibre upholstery and THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control, allowing customers to see the full range of options and the full potential of the vehicle.
One thing that customers’ were particularly impressed with was how smooth the X-Class was due to the independent, coil sprung suspension. Both on and off-road, the vehicle handled the bends and corners thrown at it with ease and it was astonishing how quiet it was to drive.
Customers were also able to experience the 360 degree birds-eye view and PARKTRONIC parking sensors. The 360 degree view is captured by networked cameras in the front grille, wing mirrors and tail gate. This assists in avoiding obstacles and pedestrians when parking.
Finally, with comfort seating, DAB Radio and Mercedes Me connectivity capabilities, the X-Class certainly has earned it’s name as ‘the world’s first truly premium pick-up truck’.
Rossetts Commercials would like to thank everyone who attended the #BeXtravagant event, we hope you had an amazing time. Whether or not you attended if you would like more information regarding the X-Class or to book a test drive contact your local dealership today and a Sales Executive will be more than happy to help.